DiaTech is an expert in medical supply distribution. Since the establishment of the company, we’ve provided bulk delivery of medical consumable and disposable products to various healthcare facilities that need them—on time, every time locally and internationally.

Day in and day out, various healthcare professionals use a wide range of medical consumable and disposable products for patient care. That’s why hospitals, health centers and other facilities depend on DiaTech and its distribution services for delivering medical consumable and disposable inventory when and where it’s needed.


Wholesale distribution of healthcare products is at the heart of DiaTech—it’s the foundation of our business. We take great pride in having a global presence in healthcare distribution. We achieve this by putting our customers’ needs first. Our logistics management processes help customers lower costs and reduce complexity while increasing visibility in their own supply chains. And our people work tirelessly to ensure our delivery process is accurate, on time and responsive to specific requirements.

Proven Expertise

We know the medical supply distribution business inside and out. It’s the result of years of industry leadership and innovation. Our infrastructure is large and well-supported by delivery trucks and supplier relationships and by our well-known reputation. But even more impressive are the people behind the deliveries.

Passionate Support

Beyond the medical supply inventories, fleets and analytics are our employees who go above and beyond each and every day. They share a mission to get the bulk distribution job done right, no matter what challenges they may face. Because they know there’s a child, a grandparent or a best friend depending on the medical supply products we deliver.