DiaTech is specialize in medical equipment engineering services and healthcare information technology.

In a summary of our services, we have the ability to :

  1. Carry out Repair Jobs for all kinds of medical equipment.
  2. Carry out Preventive Maintenance Jobs for different types of medical equipment.
  3. Offer a Service Contracts to hospitals and other healthcare providers (PPM contracts, CM contracts and AMC contracts).
  4. Achieve the Accreditation For JCIA and providing all the necessary documentations for the same.

Our consultative, technical and educational services are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of patient care, while maintaining an environment of care which complies with all regulatory agencies. Our biomedical engineer are professionals in the installation, repair, calibration and preventative maintenance of all modalities of medical equipment. We adhere to the highest standard of technical service in the medical device industry.

We offer comprehensive service contracts to hospitals and other healthcare providers, designed to maximize the efficiency of medical equipment maintenance and healthcare information technology operations and to fulfil the customer requirements in preventive maintenance and the repair and a fast, professional and accurate means to meet the highest international standards by our Biomedical Engineers who possess enough experience to handle all kind of Medical Equipment.

In addition, we are proud to be having an excellent experience in achieving the JCIA accreditation for to hospitals and other healthcare providers. We have helped a many well established hospitals to achieve the JCIA accreditation in regards of the medical equipment as we can provide preventive maintenance to be carried out by a professional engineers, professional and user friendly inventory and data base for the customers, medical equipment checklists according to the highest global standards, management plans, forums..etc.