Indicator Strip



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10cm x 1.5cm

for steam

200pcs/box, 20000pcs/ctn

Chemical indicator card for steam sterilization is that a chemical substance with thermal chemicals, reagent and their their accessories made of ink, and printing ink on the special card paper which is printed standard color cream white . After complete steam sterilization, the color of indicating color will change into black.

Usable range:
By using it, can monitor the sterilization effect of 134? pre-vacuum or pulsating vacuum pressure steam sterilizer, desktop or cassette pressure steam sterilizer.
After steam sterilizationthe,color of indicating color blocks will change from blue into black.

Scope: Apply to monitoring steam sterilization.
Notice: Only used in chemical monitoring of steam sterilization, can not be in biological monitoring
Storage: Protect from light, store at room temperature 150-30°C and away from corrosive gas.

1. Don’t put sterilized kits close to cabinet interior wall.
2. Indicator card also don’t directly attached in metal, glass and other hard surface which are easy to form condensation, so as to avoid causing color agent of indicator card lose accuracy in the sterilization process

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