• AED
  • Dental Consumables
    • 3 way syringe sleeves
    • 3 way syringe tip
    • Barrier Film
    • Camera Sleeves
    • Dental Bib
    • Dental Cotton Roll
    • Dental tray
    • Half Chair Sleeve Dental
    • Saliva Ejector
    • Suction Tip
  • Evac+Chair
  • First Aid Kits
    • First Aid Box, orange color MF 050
    • First aid kit - Blue Kit Bag
    • First aid kit - Green wall mounted
    • First Aid Kit Green Color MF 053
    • First Aid Kit, blue color MF 036
  • Gloves
    • Latex Examination Gloves Powder Free (Super Guard)
    • Latex Examination Gloves powdered (Super Guard)
    • Long Gloves , Green (Super Guard)
    • Nitrile Examination Gloves Powder free (Super Guard)
    • Vinyl Examination Gloves Powder free
  • Laboratory Consumables
    • Blood Collection Needle
    • EDTA Tube
    • Petri Dish
    • Pipette Tips
      • Eppendorf pipette
      • Gilson pipette
    • Plain Tube
    • SST tube
    • Stool Container
    • Urine Container
  • Nursing Consumables
    • Alcohol Swab
    • Clip Cap
    • Disposable Lab Coat (Non - Woven)
    • Disposable Shoe Cover
    • First Aid Plaster (Band Aid)
    • Gauze Swab
    • Lab coat white (Cotton Cloth)
    • Micro Brush
    • Mix Tip
    • Modesty Panty
    • Non Woven Pillow Cover
    • Non Woven PP Isolation Gown
    • Non Woven Swab
    • Non Woven Wound Dressing
    • PBT Elastic Bandage
    • Sharp container
    • Spot Band Aid
    • Strip Band Aid
    • Surgical Gown
    • Transport Swab
    • Triangular Bandage
    • Ultra Sound Gel
    • Wooden Tongue Depressor
  • Personal Protection Products (PPE)
    • Antiseptic and Detergent Disinfectants
      • Antiseptic Disinfectants
      • Detergent Disinfectants
    • Cover All
    • Face Mask
      • Adult Facemask 3ply
      • Kids Facemask
      • Medical Face Mask
    • Face Shield
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Safety Goggles
    • Safety Goggles (Chemical splash)
  • Respiratory Consumables
    • 2 -way Latex Foley Catheter
    • Anaesthetic Mask with value
    • Disposable Infusion Set
    • Guedel Airway
    • HME Filter
    • Nasal Endotracheal Tubes (With Cuff)
    • Nasopharyngeal Airway
    • Nebulizer Mask
    • Oral/Nasal Endotracheal Tubes
    • Oxygen Mask
    • Oxygen mask with reservoir bag
    • Oxygen Nasal Canula
    • Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes(Oral/Nasal)
    • Silicone Laryngeal Mask
    • Suction Catheter, Disposable, Cap-cone, Sterile, 50cm
    • Three Balls Spirometer, Type 2
    • Tracheostomy Tube
  • Special Offers
  • Sterilization Products
    • Autoclave Tape
    • Bowie Dick Test Pack
    • Steam Indicator Strip
    • Sterilization Pouch
    • Sterilization Reel
  • Syringes and needles
    • Disposable Needle
    • Disposable syringe
      • Disposable syringe 10ml
      • Disposable syringe 1ml
      • Disposable syringe 20ml
      • Disposable syringe 3ml
      • Disposable syringe 5ml
    • I.V Cannula
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  • This high l reusable isolation suit is full body integral hood design for overall protection, one-piece zip for easy access, cuffs and trousers with elastic band at the brim for effective protection, which is your safety guardian.
  • PTFE high  composite material made of flash-sealed technology and heat-sealed seams can effectively prevent the invasion of , pesticides, dust, etc., and increase the safety factor to 99.99%.
  • A must for staff, people checking the epidemic, and the person who has close contact with pneumonia infected or suspected persons. Before entering a dangerous environment with l and viral infections, you must wear a full body one-piece hooded isolation suit.
  •  Protection, special experiment, food workshop, ion and radiation protection, product testing, epidemic prevention and control. It can effectively isolate splashing of oral foam in work and other surrounding environment. Small sharp splash impact of iron chips, crushed stones, chemical spatter, etc.
  • Quality disposable garments. Good ideal for protection against, industry, chemistry, agriculture, manufacturing, cleaning, Food processing, painting and equipment maintenance. This playsuit is made of lightweight spun bond melt blown polypropylene material, create an effective barrier while still allowing for comfort.
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  • Coverall Disposable White Microporous Material , Protection against Chemical Splash,  CE & FDA approved.
  • Size: L, XL & XXL.
  • Packing: 1 pc.

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White, white with blue tape, White with blue tape (Steril)