Evacuation Chair


Evacuation Chair

  • Evacuation chairs are a vital piece of safety equipment in many organization’s premises, from offices and factories to hospitals and care homes.
  • Evacuation chairs are intended to help a disabled or mobility impaired individual safely traverse stairs in emergency situations, such as a fire evacuation.
  • Evacuation chairs are designed first and foremost with the safety and stability of the passenger in mind, however many users may initially find being moved in an evacuation chair a disconcerting experience, and at least one practice session can help build confidence in both the chair’s design and the proficiency of the designated operators.
  • Evacuation chairs are quick and easy to deploy, and in general passengers should be loaded within a designated fire refuge point.
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  1. Double handed grip : Enhances user operation
  2. Anti-slip grip : Improves stability and operation during passenger transfer or when operating the kickstand
  3. Redesigned hammock : Greater passenger comfort
  4. Unique friction belt system : Self-braking track to control smoothness and speed of descent
  5. Contoured headrest : Accommodates double hand grips
  6. Sewn-in safety belt : Improves safety & durability
  7. Redesigned kickstand, with repositioned rear wheels : Increased stability and enhances operator handling
  8. Upgraded castor wheels : Stronger 50mm wheel improves operation
  9. Simplified graphical instructions & user guide : Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Photo luminescent signage
  • Wall mounted hooks
  • Dust cover
  • User guide
  • Easy to use
  • Single person operation
  • Lightweight
  • No heavy lifting required
  • Made in the UK
  • Quality and safety checks throughout manufacture

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Folded Unfolded
1100mm 1350mm


520mm 520mm


210mm 810mm



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