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Heat sealing flat reel

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GT170-103 Heat-Sealing Flat Reel
Size: 55mmx200m      1 roll/box 6rolls/ctn    22.5x42x23cm    10.58/9.58kgs
75mmx200m                1 roll/box 5rolls/ctn    22.5x46x23cm    11.75/10.75kg
s100mmx200m            1 roll/box 4rolls/ctn    22.5x47x23cm    10/9kgs
150mmx200m              1 roll/box 2rolls/ctn    22.5x34x23cm    9.8/8.8kgs
400mmx200m              non-box 1 roll/ctn        22×41.5x22cm    12.4/11.4kgs


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