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Pink facemask 3 ply

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  • Professional Disposable face Covers to protect against, dust , fluids, germs, and weather.3 layers of protection: non-woven filter ply + fiber ply + soft cotton. They are soft and comfortable ear hook masks, not easy to drop, no need to adjust it when you work.
  • Disposable design are effective in protecting against dust and air pollution, safeguard your health.
  • Perfect Cover when travelling through congested airports, bus terminals, malls, parks, and busy city streets.
  •  Block particulate matter, dust and other inhalable fine particles. high-quality non-woven fabric; it has a stronger filtering effect and is more warm and breathable.
  • Big value face cover, Suitable for people: Cleaner, Builder, Farmer, Student


  • 3 ply  Facemask Specification:Without Glass Fibres Hypoallergenic Very low Resistance to Breathing Nose Bar Adaptable High Filtration Capacity Perfect Fitting.
  • 3 ply  Facemask Packing :  50pc/1Box.

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Dimensions 19.8 × 10.2 × 7.4 cm