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Deep Breathing Exerciser Breath Exercise Measurement System



Compact, high-quality unbreakable plastic, 3-ball incentive spirometer

Capacity: 600ml / 900ml / 1200ml

Blue corrugated tube 1Pc/box

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Deep Breathing Exerciser Breath Exercise Measurement System.
Spirometer for lungs: Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser make your Lungs strong to fight against COVID-19 or coronavirus directly affects a person’s lungs. This is the reason that serious COVID-19 positive patients have been requiring a constant oxygen supply to survive.
Spirometer: Breath Exercise Machine improves the strength of the respiratory muscles and increases oxygen intake. Regular use of this device will help your breath get much deeper and longer.
Spirometer for breathing exercise: Breathing slowly with a Incentive Spirometer For Lung Exercise allows your lungs to inflate fully. These breaths help break up fluid in the lungs that can lead to pneumonia if it isn’t cleared.
Incentive spirometer: Lung Exerciser Device spirometer is an inhalation exercise device that is composed of 3 chambers with colour coded balls. When you breathe in, the balls rise. The more air you take into the lungs, the higher these 3 balls will rise. This gives you an indication of how healthy your lungs are at present.
Spirometer: lungs exercise machine is recommended as a essential device to to maintain with the health and personal cares with other oxygen concentrator machine 10 ltr for home, pulse oxygen meter fingertip and sugar test machine with strips kit . It Not Sparrow meter for lungs but spirometer for lungs exercise

GENC-1080 Three Balls Spirometer, Type 2 Capacity: 600ml / 900ml / 1200ml, Red / Yellow / Green ball, blue corrugated tube 1pc/box, 28pcs/ctn


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Deep Breathing Exerciser Breath Exercise Measurement System
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