Infusion Set 18G – 21G



Made of medical grade PVC tubing disposable infusion set

18G x1 1/2 chamber, without Filter

21G x 1-1/2 chamber, with Filter



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GENC-1017 Disposable Infusion 18G:

14.3x50mm chamber, without Filter, with Dry Foam Rubber, Needle 18G x 1-1/2″, 150cm Tubing, PP regulator flow latex tube

GENC-1087 Disposable Infusion 21G:

14.3x50mm chamber, with filter, PP flow regulator, latex gum, luer lock with Needle 21G x 1-1/2, 150cm Tubing

Infusion Set

Needle 18G x 1-1/2", 14.3x50mm chamber, without Filter, Needle 21G x 1-1/2'', 14.3x50mm chamber, with Filter


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