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MMC Clip Cap Non Woven PP


Clip Cap
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Name: Elastic disposable non-woven hat

Material: PE

Cap lining type: strip cap

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Product Description

Prevent hair from falling into the food and prevent hair and sweat from entering the eyes, avoiding contact with water and hair. Lightweight, soft and waterproof plastic material that makes the user feel comfortable. Available hats, just throw them on, put them away, clean and efficient.Β Elastic design around the head, firmly fit for showers, spas, tattooed eyebrows, catering services, homemade pastry visitors, nursing medical facilities, pharmaceutical environments, healthcare or other places where you need to completely cover your hair.

Additional Information

Clip Cap

Non-woven PP, 10g, 19'', White color Double Elastic, Non-woven PP, 10g, 19'', Blue color Double Elastic, Non-woven PP, 10g, 21'', White color Double Elastic, Non-woven PP, 10g, 21'', Blue color Double Elastic


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