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MMC Suction Catheter Disposable Cap-Cone Sterile 50cm



1pc/PE bag, 100Pcs/box

Controllable suction head
Cap cone connector
Medical grade clear soft PVC
Color coded
Sterile/Single use

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Suction Catheter:

Smooth surface and tip allows atraumatic insertion for enhanced patient conform

Low friction between suction catheter and the tracheal tube/bronchial tube for easy insertion and withdrawal, ease the job of removing respiratory secretions from the airway, so as to keep the airway clear of secretions and prevent plugging

With distal end open tip, atraumatic

Available with X-ray line

Catheter can be DEHP or DEHP FREE

Lateral Eyes: Smoothly formed and less trauma

Larger diameters maximize flow rate

Connector and types: Color coded connecters for fast size identification

There are five types of connectors supplied by Hitec Medical. They are: Plain type, T type, Cap-cone type, Y type and Transparent Y type

GENC-5007 FR 8 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn
GENC-5008 FR 10 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn
GENC-5009 FR 12 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn
GENC-5010 FR 14 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn
GENC-5011 FR 16 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn
GENC-5012 FR 18 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn
GENC-5013 FR 20 1pc/PE bag, 100pcs/box, 600pcs/ctn

Suction Catheter

FR 8, FR 10, FR 12, FR 14, FR 16, FR 18, FR 20


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MMC Suction Catheter Disposable Cap-Cone Sterile 50cm
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