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MMC Wooden Tongue Depressor


Wooden Tongue Depressor
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Sterile Professional single use tongue depressors for Adult

Professional single use tongue depressors for Adult

150x18x1.6 mm, 100Pcs/Box

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Product Description

Professional single use tongue depressors/waxing spatulas manufactured from smooth wood with rounded tips. Used by healthcare professionals to view the back of the throat and mouth.

GENC-1084 Wooden Tongue Depressor Adult (150x18x1.6mm), Non-Sterile 100pcs/bx, 50bxs/ctn
GENC-1085 Adult (150x18x1.6mm), Sterile 100pcs/bx, 50bxs/ctn

Additional Information

Wooden Tongue Depressor

Adult (150x18x1.6mm) Non-Sterile, Adult (150x18x1.6mm) Sterile


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