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Disposable Syringe 60ml

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GENC-1136 Disposable Syringe 60ml

GENC-1137 Disposable Syringe 60ml

The syringe is made of high-quality plastic, durable and reusable

It’s engraved with a capacity scale on the syringe, which is clear and accurate, convenient for you to check the dosage

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60 ml (2 oz. ) Syringe, (50 ml to 60 ml) Single Disposable Syringe Individually Packed Leakproof. Will hold fluid without leaking. Sterile. Latex Free. Non-pyrogenic. Non-Toxic. Disposable. One time use. Medical Grade. Catheter Tip. FDA & ISO Registered. Syringe is contained in sterilized plastic bag. Imported from USA.


These high quality syringes will not leak. Used for a variety of purposes in personal healthcare, scientific labs, veterinary clinics and more. Personal use and healthcare: Liquid can be dispensed through catheter tube. Lab use: Science labs use to dispense liquids. Medical use: administer medication. Veterinary use: Veterinary clinics use to administer medications. Pet healthcare. No needles necessary or included. Siliconized gaskets provide a consistently smooth plunger motion and positive stop.

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Disposable Syringe 60ml

18G x 1-1/2'', 3 Parts, Luer Lock, White putter, Needle attached, Catheter Tip


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